PR made SEO sexy

Until this week, SEO was something I knew about but often chose to ignore. I understood its perceived importance for blogging yet, to me, it was very much an optional extra rather than a crucial part of the overall process.

However after discussing this internet ‘black magic’ with my colleagues, I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve really begun to appreciate the important role that SEO plays in content creation and how it can also contribute to the overall success of a PR campaign.

I guess you could say that working in PR has made SEO sexy for me.

Social media, blogging and general internet wizardry are all crucial parts of my job. As a result, I’ve decide to focus my efforts until Christmas on really understanding how Google’s search algorithm works.

This blog will act as my test bed, to see whether I can increase traffic and click-throughs as a result of thoughtful, engaging content and well planned keywords. The knock-on effect is that I’ll be blogging more frequently, covering a variety of topics.

I’ll also be crafting more content for AppCritic and TechCritic, so there’s another bonus to this personal development of mine.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.

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