Chromebook only: random slow downs

I’m not sure what’s going on here. My Chromebook has performed almost flawlessly for over a month, but last week I started experiencing slow downs when viewing certain web pages – particularly Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

It feels like the CPU is bottlenecking the device. The page content is already loaded, the problem only occurs when I scroll down to see more. It’s also far more frequent if I return to browsing after the Chromebook has been in sleep mode, or use the device on battery.

I’ve often found Google Groups to be helpful when it comes to resolving Chromebook gripes, so this was my first port of call. Here, I found that the Wi-Fi encryption setting on my router could be causing the problem, as apparently Chrome OS doesn’t play nicely with WEP or WPA. My router is set to WPA2, though, so that’s not it.

Another suggestion was to adopt Google’s DNS settings, but I don’t fancy messing about with this just yet. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Let me know in the comments below.

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