Do we need another mobile OS?

This time last week I was in less-than-sunny Barcelona, attending MWC with the rest of the Babel PR team.

Being at the centre of the mobile universe led me to think about the future of mobile operating systems, and whether we actually need another contender in this heavily crowded space. I penned the following as a result.

The mobile arena is already awash with competition. We’ve already got Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. The launch of BlackBerry 10 has given the ageing smartphone manufacturer a new degree of credibility, and there are still lots of Symbian devices out there. But with a number of new contenders stepping up to the plate this year, 2013 looks set to host the battle of the mobile OS. 

Firefox OS and Ubuntu are two new mobile operating systems gaining a lot of interest. There’s also Tizen – another Linux-based platform that’s growing in the Asian market – and Sailfish, built out of the failed Nokia/Intel OS MeeGo. Like Android, these are all open source, meaning they can be customised and changed by operators to deliver a unique offering for users on their network.

Click here to read the rest over at the Babel PR blog.

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